A tale of Moss-adventure

Last night I mapped out a near 50 mile route in Strava for this morning. Then discovered that unless you have a Garmin computer, you can’t do much with it. So in the end, rode out this morning with the concept of a route in my head and managed about half of it and came in 18 miles short.

I had wanted to get to Chorley with the option in future of heading to Rivington, but was fundamentally screwed when I went the wrong way out of Ormskirk. My route took me back over some roads I’d ridden previously in reverse. I’d found it hard to follow routes here previously and it’s clear that Google Maps has a few errors around here:

On the Moss

Other tarmac roads just turned into gravelled roads which caused some amusement. 23mm slicks on dusty dirt roads gave some interesting handling and miraculously no punctures.

On the Moss

Still the headwind on the final coastal route home was horrendous so I was glad to get home with a few miles left in my legs.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

2 thoughts on “A tale of Moss-adventure”

  1. Yes it was good and very much gave the sense of being in the country side. You can see why the Americans are getting so excited about them again. Wouldn’t have wanted to be doing TDF stages on these though!


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