Missing the Marin

So after a bit of reading up it turns out that the trail formerly known as the Marin, is now renamed the Gwydir Mawr with its smaller sibling, Gwydir Bach. Mawr is Welsh for big or large, bach means small. Marin bikes donated the cash to waymark the trail in 2002. No new funding meant a … Continue reading “Missing the Marin”

Storm Arwen Aftermath

Storm Arwen happened over 26th and 27th November 2021 and hit the local forest pretty badly. A lot of roads were closed for days and trails have been blocked by fallen timber for even longer and still remain blocked weeks later. Trail blockages have ranged from light (like a single fallen tree trunk across the … Continue reading “Storm Arwen Aftermath”

Gwydir Mawr & Bach

Back to Wales for a late October sortie in the Mountains, but this time it was trying out one of the trail centres that I have driven past put not ridden before – Gwydir Mawr. Edit: Well, that is a fib, I’ve ridden it many times in the past when it was known as the … Continue reading “Gwydir Mawr & Bach”


So after 150km on the Canyon Dude I’ve come to the conclusion it is under geared for local riding. Changing that is not as simple as it sounds because of the chainring offset. The Truvativ cranks are fitted with a -4mm offset 30T SRAM ring, nice bit of X0 quality kit, but it’s the only … Continue reading “SuperBoost”

The Dude

Getting this bike was definitely the right thing. It has transformed local riding and goes more places with greater ease than anything else I have owned. First ride out I think I ran the tyres too soft and ended up cursing the drag on tarmac. Second ride out I switched to the 26″ rims and … Continue reading “The Dude”

Fat Bike

Back in February 2017 I went Fatbiking with Ride the Alps and my mates Dave and Chris. After that I bought the Scott Genius Plus bike. That wasn’t a fat bike. It was a chubby and much fun was had, particularly due to the insane traction it generated whilst climbing. I sold that bike in … Continue reading “Fat Bike”

Trail Maintenance

The problem with all this warm wet weather is a tremendous growth of undergrowth in the woods. Ferns are generally not a problem, but nettles, white poplar saplings and brambles are encroaching on some of the best bits of singletrack and were making passage miserable and regularly drawing blood. Only one thing for it brave … Continue reading “Trail Maintenance”


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