Just Do It

Didn’t want to ride tonight because pretty much from the moment I came in the door tonight it’s been raining. As I was oiling the chain and pumping the tyres up before heading out I noticed a gap between the non drive side bottom bracket cup and the frame. I’ve had problems with this coming undone on the Harry Hall ever since I fitted it, but it was particularly loose tonight. Go to tighten it up with my fingers and it just keeps on turning. Both ways. Bugger. So either I’ve cracked the cup through and the threaded section is jammed in the frame, or I’ve stripped something completely.

Then I thought about what Steve said this morning “I’m facing a 12/14 hour day today and it would have been so easy to quit, but then when I think about it I can quit drinking for a month, surely I can do something everyday for a month? Especially something that I consider defines who I am and what I do ?” and of course riding whatever the weather is no big deal. So I just took the bike out, dodgy bottom bracket and all and rode it. Just about to ride out and go to turn the iPod on – it’s completely flat. No tunes tonight then.

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Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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