The news is full of the current weather. Winter Storms Bring Chaos read the headlines. Trying to avoid getting blown off his bike Tyrrell was doored on the way into work this morning and then almost run over whilst lying in a crumpled heap in the road. It happened on Upper Brook Street outside the Hospital. For a few years now ever since they started the construction work on the Hospital expansion, the contractors have parked along the side of the road. It’s been a constant threat that’s worried me so I’ve chosen to ride in the centre of the lane rather than end up too close alongside the parked cars and vans. Still he’s okay, apart from a bloody knee and the idiot responsible was lucky to escape without a bloody nose.

The council are finally building a cycle lane to connect the two ends of the University Campus, primarily it will provide a safe route between the Upper Brook Street/Grosvenor Street junction under the Mancunian Way through to Sackville Street. I bumped into the planners yesterday afternoon and the workmen started work on widening the path this morning. This is a welcome bit of trail because when the traffic is heavy the complex of bends that form the road route are a bit dangerous.

So tonight I decided that rather than get battered by the wind and rain, I would try and seek some shelter and still get the miles in. Coupled with an ambition to get a local crit-type circuit, the recent resurfacing work on the Oxford Place has now opened up a realistic route. So 15 laps later, the jobs done and the weather really didn’t matter.

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Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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