I was so tired this morning. I think it was all the excitement from the weekend and three early mornings, but I was barely keeping my eyes open at about 11.30am. Tonight represented my biggest challenge to date in terms of getting the motivation to keep on riding. I felt mentally and physically drained and it was only a steady supply of caffeine that kept me going.

Suffered my first puncture on the road bike since I built it up (that’s over three years now) on the ride home tonight. Inspection revealed a shard of glass that had just pierced the tube, leading to a slow, but inevitable softening of the rear tyre. I hate it when it’s wet, I seem to get all my punctures then which makes changing tubes a messy job, so I just unweighted the rear wheel and road it home to fix it in the dry and warmth of home.

In the end managed to ride out about 8.30pm. I had been thinking it might be interesting to do a different route every day of the 30, but I destroyed that idea tonight by riding the same route to Altrincham that I covered on day 10. I really couldn’t put my mind to coming up with something else. Catch up with how everyone else is doing via the links below:

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Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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