Panic Three

So after my little adventure, which might be remembered as The Escape from Herm, I eventually made it back to Daves’s place and then spent the evening down the pub catching up with some friends. As the sea crashed over the sea wall and the wind kept blowing open the door, talk about the gale force winds and storm conditions that were due that night and all day Monday weren’t exactly filling me with confidence that my adventure was over yet. The last thing I remember checking on Sunday night was that the alarm was set for 5.45am, so I could get up and over to the airport in plenty of time for my 7am red eye flight back to Manchester.

Being woken up by Dave shouting, “Mate, it’s quarter past six!” was not a good thing. Fortunately everything was packed in the car so all I had to do was literally stuff my sleeping bag away, get dressed and hit the road. Dave gave me a recommended quick route to the airport and coupled with a bit of commitment and some interesting gear changes and line choices in the Focus, I was at the airport in 10 minutes. Dropped off the car in the car park, battled the rain and wind as I hauled the bike bag to the terminal building and checked in just as they announced final call for Manchester.

Piled into the plane. Sketchy take off with the high winds, relatively smooth crossing, sketchiest ever landing* back into Manchester. The plane was getting a wobble on as it tried to slow and brake down the wet runway and it was with some relief that the pilots brought it back under control and taxied safely into the terminal. Picked up the bike from baggage reclaim, changed my Guernsey notes back into Sterling and thenjumped on the train, getting back to the office for just after 9am. Result.

*This is in the context of the recent landing in Guernsey where we almost ran out of runway and only just stopped in time and a previous trip where there was a fault with the landing gear on the plane and they had to perform an emergency landing (full on brace for impact stuff) in Southampton Airport as the emergency vehicles chased the landing plane down the runway.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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