Petition Time

It’s time for a petition. These have been quite the talking point recently, partly because lots of people have been setting them up and partly because politicians have spent a lot of time ignoring them. That said if everyone really was behind something and did a little bit to make a difference there is more chance of opinions being heard than if they all just thought it was a good idea and did nothing.

If you cycle, please take two minutes to read this and sign the e-gov petition – which CTC thinks is well worth doing because they think that your right to ride on the road is in jeopardy.

The revised Highway Code says cyclists should “use cycle facilities where possible”. If this Code is approved, cyclists will effectively lose the right to ride on the road where there are alternative routes or adjacent facilities.

The implications of this are too bad to contemplate. First we will suffer more abuse and intimidating driving, as recently suffered by a CTC member. Second, if a cyclist is involved in an accident and tries to claim damages, the insurance companies are likely to argue that the rider contributed to the accident by not using the cycle facility.

The Highway Code has been laid before parliament. It will automatically be approved unless it is referred to a House of Commons Committee which cannot amend it and can only recommend the whole document be rejected. It will take an unprecedented amount of adverse publicity to persuade the government to reject the Highway Code in its entirety.

The CTC HQ Campaign team are working hard to find some way of achieving this and will obviously require national support. Meanwhile HQ says it will do no harm to support the petition which is at:

It is interesting to note that 35 MP’s objected to the original revised wording. Unfortunately, the replacement wording is no better. Only 11,000 objections were received to the previous wording. There are over 50, 000 in the CTC alone who should now be objecting.

If this Highway Code is approved by government cyclists will effectively lose the right to ride on the road where there are alternative routes or adjacent facilities.

Please register your name on the petition and persuade others to do the same.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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