There has been no mountain bike riding going on recently and as a result, life seems a bit dull. Being around bikes, building them, talking about them or reading about them just isn’t the same. They only really become animated objects when you’re riding them. A bit like the fact that cars are not much fun unless you’re driving them and only really fun when you’re driving them fast. Gloom has been added by the fact that I still haven’t properly shifted this cold that is still lurking at the back of my throat and as a few bike bits previously considered precious have been sold recently the world seems quite grey.

Of course life is as exciting as you make it and I’m sure that tomorrow morning within about 30 seconds of starting the ride to work the world will seem a much better place, even if it is necessary to avoid HGV drivers trying to kill you. I’ve been using this route planner to work out the distances of some rides recently. I’ve decided that with the use of this, I don’t need a computer on a bike at all.

If you haven’t read about Jane’s Ride Across America then check out the story and background. I saw a feature about it on the Apple website and then it turned out Harry Halls had a signed jersey in the shop too.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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