There has been some discussion recently about whether or not to get a pet. The decision reached was that in the event of a pet being entered into the family, a cat was the best bet. Cats are ace, especially when they’re still exploring new territory – like this pesky French fellow:

Lans Feline

The fact that the following cartoon was drawn before my photo was ever made public suggests that Jim Davis has encountered the same situation elsewhere…


Looks like the Patriot is going to sell via eBay which is nice, I’ll get the S3 sorted out after that (Two new tyres, MOT and a 80k Service), sell it and and then start looking for a new ride. Another Rallye is still favourite, but a series 2 this time. Oh and as I’m still not feeling better, I’ve decided that cold’s are evil. I want rid of mine.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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