Counter-strike from the East. And everything is all smiles.

The great thing about living up here in ‘the North’ is the class of some of the locals. I mean if you fall out with your mate you go home, get the shotty and go back to settle things. ‘cept you might not make it that far:

A South Yorkshire man who shot himself in the testicles with a shotgun has been jailed for five years. David Walker, 28, from The Crescent, Dinnington, had drunk 15 pints of lager when he accidentally discharged the gun which was stuffed down his trousers.

Genius. Absolute genius. Full story here.

People continue to doubt Lance Armstrong’s claims that he is not a doper. I think Lance is clean and that he’s justified to be pissed off with stuff like this happening. Name me one other sportsman at the top of his game who has come back from a life threatening illness. Lance was World Champion before his cancer treatment which changed him physically making him suited to a more rounded cyclist. He’s been to hell and back through the burning pain of chemotherapy and has emerged from the other side with a burning desire to win. So what you’ve got is some one that’s tough as boots and has everything to play for. I hope he win’s this years Tour.

Ummm, a team of female mountain bikers in an American-style Calendar. Yes, really – here.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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