Not Very Evil

There is a lot of stuff to fit into this update because lots has been happening, but little of that has involved me riding a bike. Where to start? I suppose a good start is to bring an update on the feud. First a recap. Strike one. Strike two. Now strike three. Finally is it me or does this Tour rider look ever so slightly like some one we know? Well this site has been ratified:

This site is certified 40% EVIL by the Gematriculator

So that’s from the same people who brought you the mighty Rasterbator. Take a regular sized image and convert it into a monster poster/billboard sized photo. How ‘bo selecta is that?

Are these north shore riders talking about someone we know? No hang on… That’d be scottish, but born in england, with a welsh surname. I guess that still makes him a Limey in their books. Is he there yet? Reports are expected.

Now how’s this for novel. The more beer bottles you catch in the crate, the more clothes the ladies take off. Things start getting interesting about 8,000 points and I’m guessing are no longer work safe after about 10,000, but I haven’t made it that far.

Finally leaving tags by cleaning. A new wave in urban graffiti. Check this out.

Sleepless in the Saddle is rapidly approaching. I hope the weather improves. I can’t see it being much fun if it doesn’t. It’d certainly be a bit pants if it degenerated into SSMM type conditions. I suppose I shouldn’t contemplate that too much incase I curse our luck. I’m also waiting for a pair of forks to arrive, because if it’s muddy I’ll be riding the singlespeed it needs some.

Behind the scenes here at towers I’ve been working on version 3.0 of the site and I’m proud to announce that it’s now all done. Well the design is anyway. There’s a fair bit of content to rearrange and edit and such and I’m thinking of migrating over to phpWebsite with a new host. Not sure how long it’ll be before that’s ready though.

Finally, from recent performances, it looks like Lance has done a fair bit of training this season. US Postal are looking solid and his biggest threats are coming from riders, who were generally not heralded as being big contenders. Lets see what the Alps have on offer.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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