Brooker Speaks

It’s Thursday and I’m only just getting around to updating. Things have been mad around here these last few days. I’ve gained a sofa and an x-box and lost a tv, video and other stuff that was being ‘looked after’. There’s loads of work on, the world’s greatest cycle race to follow and lots of people wanting to register shiny new Indy Fabs. I need a holiday.

My fame has been equaled by another of the Norfolk Posse (are we still saying that?):

From: Brooker
Subject: Fame

Catch my Email on ITV2 tour coverage last night ?
I emailed in a question last week :-

“The Tour is not the same without old DuDu ?
Where is Jacky Durand this year ? We love and miss his Kamikaze breakaways.
or seeing him carrying the Lantern Rouge”

Amazingly they read it out and showed the clip of him carrying the Lantern
Rouge !

Famous for 2 mins……….


Well done that man. Jed and Chilly must try harder. Talking of Mr. Childerhouse this has arrived from an anonymous source. It is painful to look at. I will happily accept any images in counter-attack. Get well soon the firestarter.

There is a cheeky new website out there in cyberspace that I’m probably not allowed to talk about. It means less controversial stuff on Singletrack and is a very good idea. Talking of controversial, what about news that the UKs top downhiller won’t be riding her national championships because of a UCI ruling. Seems like a lot of crap to me. New international downhill series free from UCI regulation anyone?

SITS is rapidly approaching. Given the weather, I’ll be taking the singlespeed and mud tyres. That and every single piece of bike clothing I own and lots of bike cleaning kit.

Big car. Very fast. Anyone with some spare cash can buy me one of these. Thanks.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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