Accident and Emergency for Chilly

Actually felt reasonably normal today apart from the need to consume three times the normal amount of caffiene to stay awake.

Here’s the few photos that I took at the weekend. I would have taken more, but the weather was pants. There’s a load of links to photos in the gallery section of the official race website:

_ Wet bikes and we haven't even started _ Mmm lovely IFs _ Sunday morning saw nicer weather _

_ The result of saturday night's carnage _ Conrad catching some Zs _ Start of lap two... _

_ Ch-check it out! Dry laps at the end. _ Muddy air _ Grrr! _

_ 'Ave it! _ Nick in the rain _ Nick in the dry _

_ Sunday lap for Nick _

Chilly’s weekend went from bad to worse back in Norfolk when he went out on his bike he ended up in A&E. Broken collarbone and four weeks trying to move as little as possible. Word is he’s on some wicked drugs though, hopefully he’ll be supplying Jed and I for SITS later in the year.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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