IE Security Flaw

First up an important warning to all of you reading this on an Internet Explorer web browser. There’s a major security flaw that means any information entered on secure webpages (https) may be compromised, which may ultimately lead to your bank accounts being emptied if you use that computer for on-line banking.

From: Gilles
Subject: Enough is enough

New IE Malware Captures Passwords Ahead Of SSL

SANS Internet Storm Center is reporting on a new strain of IE Malware. This one targets bank customers, which in itself is nothing new. But the catch is in the way it does it: it installs a Browser Help Object (BHO) that can capture login information before it is encrypted, and ‘watches for HTTPS (secure) access to URLs of several dozen banking and financial sites in multiple countries.’.

Check to see what BHOs your copy of IE is hosting using this free utility. Then get yourself a new browser. My current recommendation is either Netscape 7.1 or Mozilla Firefox. Tabbed browsing is the way ahead.

Here’s Chilly’s x-ray. And to go with it here’s an e-mail from Brooker:

From: Brooker
Subject: Re: Piccies

Just goes to show cycling IS all it’s cracked up to be !

Sorry Sir, Kirk started it.

Mountain Mayhem certainly seemed to claim its fair share of bike bits this year. As I mentioned a few days ago Chris has been running a Rolhoff rear hub recently and theoretically it should have been ideally suited to the course. Well that’s the theory. In reality it wasn’t happy with all the mud either.

From: Chris
Subject: SSMM

All was not well on the rohloff front …….. getting ready to do my first lap (2nd out) and looked down at the back of the bike to see that the ‘speedbone’ i had made on friday (due to the one from hibike not turning up in time) looking rather bent. I was sure the item i had made would be strong enough but i was proved wrong so a quick change of bike meant that i went out on the yeti, not ideal to say the least.

Problems with the yeti started early on, there was no way that 2.5 diesels were going to work well in the mud and they soon became 3.5 slicks! Same problem as most with chainsuck which resulted in my chain snapping (so i thought ) just after the bombhole, in actual fact the powerlink had come undone (must have happened while back pedaling do get rid of the chain suck) so i had to run the final part.

Got back to the pits and converted the inbred back to a ss (took all the bits need with me just in case!) and did other two laps on that it was a welcome relief to push a lighter bike up the hills in the mud although i though it better to push than carry when i picked it up on one of the climbs and it must have weighed 40 lbs.

final lap in the drying out condition (about 12.30) and the course was fast and some of the climbs do-able for me on the ss (all bar 4×4 and powerbar) and the bike felt good.

I wish the speedbone had turned up as the rohloff would have been ideal, spoke to a guy on the nicolai with the rohloff and he was having no problems. That and some 1.5 tyres and i reckon you would have been fine.

We managed to keep going all night and came in 68th in mixed which we were really happy with as non of us are that fast but we just kept plodding on!

Damn, that’s an impressive placing. Sure beats what we managed to pull out of the bag. Oh well at least managed to beat UK Postal…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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