Not Millar Time

No Tour de France for David Millar due to recent rulings by the Tour organisers. There’s currently no word from him via his website. Not good news from any one, Le Blanc’s decision sucks, especially when many investigations remain unresolved.

Damian’s back from Austria. Seems it went rather well for him, bet he’s gutted to miss out on the silver medal so close to the finish.

From: Damian
Subject: Re: Watcha

how did the weather hold off? and did you do alrite? i quite fancy entering one year. did you do it by yourself or in a team?

my mountain biking is a bit rusty at the moment as i found out in the race over the weekend. Swim went well with the fastest swim in my agegroup almost a minute ahead of second place, all went wrong within the first kilometer of the bike when i fell off the windy single track and went over the handle bars!

got back on only to get a puncture 500m further on! lost loads of time mending it, watching loads of people come past, but got back on and started making way thru the field again, and came off the bike in 2nd place.

The run was an extremely tough cross country run that saw me beaten into bronze place by just 4seconds! after nearly 2 and 3/4 hrs of racing. A long weekend away topped off nicely with a medal! Next weekend leads to the European Triathlon Championships in Lausanne in Switzerland where i hope to make top ten.

my racing team’s got a website you know, although only a temp one as one of the chaps works on a flash site. its at so take a butchers.

Since coming home from SSMM I’ve managed to misplace: one pair of Oakleys – found tumbled together with a load of other stuff and its case still in the side pocket of the car; the digital camera with all the pictures from the weekend on it – eventually found still in the car; the car keys – eventually found under the bed; and probably some other stuff too that I haven’t noticed yet..

Anyway this weekend’s racing is definitely the topic of conversation at the moment. There are forum threads here, here, here, here and thanks here. And more popping up about every five minutes.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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