White Outside

Last night it snowed. This caused everyone to be really excited for about half and hour. Then they started complaining about how cold and wet it was.

Today the majority of the city’s pavements have been turned into ice rinks and everyone is complaining about how dangerous it is. God help us if we ever get a real winter in this country. Everything will probably grind to a halt, but even if that resulted in the a huge tragedy, I’m sure Teflon Tony would talk his way out of it. I mean he seems to get out of every other important situation by the skin of his teeth doesn’t he.

The very nice Mr. Andy Armstrong has relaunched the Singletrack Rogue’s Gallery. You can now put faces and real names to the pseudonyms here.

Finally Dirt Rag are asking for readers to comment on the editorial style and content of the esteemed US mountain bike magazine. Have your say over on their forum.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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