Easter Eggs in January?

I had my first Cadbury’s Cream Egg of the year today, which means that Easter must be getting close. I ate it in one go. I’m sure I’ve read something, somewhere about how you eat a cream egg and what that says about you as a person. I know what it tells me, no messing, I was really hungry.

Hans Kellner has some interesting photos up on his site these days, he seems to have just been through a bit of a fungus phase. Fortunately these San Francisco sunsets more than make up for it, nice and beautiful.

Following up the news of Nico toasting his chances of a superb entry into this years World Rally Championship, MBUK has a report on his crash. I tell you, watch Nico, he’ll be back.

Now a few years ago, I remember seeing a Cannondale that had been specially made for Shaq O’Neill the American Basketball player, that like this one below, was one seriously big bike:

Titus Cycles’ Chris Cocalis showing that they cater for riders of all sizes.
More over at Mountain Bike Action.

What does third place in the Red Bull Rampage get you apart from glory and a loyal following of groupies? Well for Northern Irishman Glyn O’Brien, it gets you a sponsorship deal with Cove Bikes. More over at NSMB, although I bet Rob Warner would have something to say about their claim that he is the UKs leading freerider. But then Rob Warner wasn’t invited to the Red Bull Rampage was he…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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