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No riding today, I have to get some work done. To catch up on what’s been happening over the last few days check out the archives.

Ten times Mountain Bike World Champion Nicolas Vouilloz now has a new ambition – to attempt to steal the thunder from the big names on the World Rally Championship circuit. And in typically Nico style he’s not doing things by halves. At the end of day one of arguably the most challenging event of the year and season opener, the Monte Carlo Rally, he was just over a minute behind the leader in 10th place.

Then in the first stage of day two:

The day got off to a shaky start however when Peugeot privateer Nicolas Vouilloz – running ahead of the works cars due to the regulation running order reversal – crashed his 206 WRC half way through the first stage, blocking the path of the oncoming cars.

Confusion reigned as some drivers posted times minutes slower than others. The organisers took the wise decision to annul the results for the cars affected by the accident. All drivers were given the time set by Ford privateer Antony Warmbold, the last man to get through the stage before Vouilloz.

You can be sure there’ll be more about Nico in months to come. More from the WRC here.

I’m going to claim this as an exclusive report, as I haven’t seen anything about this anywhere else. A 1200km Mountain bike race in Portugal sounds pretty cool to me. Full details about the race can be found on the event website, but this is a brief synopsis of what to expect:


The ultimate endurance race, by GARMIN

After last year successful edition, this year the SuperTravessia Garmin is held from June 24 to July 4. Participants (in limited number) will ride 1200 km on a mountain bike, competing in the ultimate endurance race crossing all of Portugal , from the northeast border (Bragança) to the southwest most point of Portugal and Europe (Sagres). In between there will be 11 days of racing with a daily average vertical climb of 1937m. The length of each stage varies from 64 km (min) to 170 km (max).

Big ride in Portugal then

In the SuperTravessia Garmin , participants are guided by the participant’s GPS receiver installed in his bike handlebar (the stages GPS tracks are daily uploaded by the organizer Ciclonatur), making orientation simple and intuitive and allowing an effective way of controlling the race. Having Garmin , one of the top brands in the GPS world, as the main sponsor of this event, makes it possible for participants to get a GPS receiver under unique conditions.

Prizes for the top finisher places include an Atlas titanium frame, a carbon Pace suspension fork and a Garmin GPS . Inscriptions are possible till May15 and there are three distinct packages (depending on the level of logistics contracted with the organizer). The entry fee starts at 300 €.

Meanwhile here in the UK the general consensus is that this coming week is going to pretty cold and there’s snow on the way. As they haven’t been able to forecast much accurately recently, we’ll have to wait and see.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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