Sunday Sit In

Another month has gone by and I’m spending another sunday in front of a computer. No riding for me. I’m rationalising my kit, getting shot of stuff I’m not using any more and putting it into a special purchase fund and planning some big rides this year.

I checked out Temple of Thee Lemur today for the first time in a while. Not much been happening over there for a while. Except for Urban Sports, which basically serves as evidence of some very bad haircuts.

Lots of people were out last week enjoying the snow, which for some parts of the country will probably be it for the winter. In more Alpine areas, more snow means more fun, like mass start downhill races on bikes…

The Trail Hound is a new website with as the name suggests, details of British bike Trails. There seem to be a few of these sort of sites at the moment, but I don’t know if there’s a huge demand. Any way it’s a good looking site and best of luck. The Cleveland Mud Munchers are a group of riders who can often be found up north on the hills and this is their website.

Cipo reckons the organisers of this years Tour de France should let him and his Domina Vacanze team ride as a kind of lifetime achievement award. Some how I doubt that the argument being made will carry much weight with the French, but for more news on that and other matters road bike related, check out Velo News.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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