Rather Good

Mention the wonderful new IMBA UK website and what happens the next day? IMBA membership pack rolls through the letter box including some rather garish IMBA socks. The great sock swap is now in full swing.

It’s been a busy week and bikes haven’t really been at the front of my mind. I can feel myself getting ill. Bastard. Still want to get out tomorrow, even if it’s only for a bit of a ride.

There was a link to rathergood.com posted the other day. Particularly impressed with their ‘cover’ of Electric 6’s recent song. A few will have already suffered the wrath, others may still enjoy/hate it. Guess you have to be in the right frame of mind.

And I still can’t make up my mind whether I like this or not. One think keeps me from liking it, it just sounds so god damn gay bar.

Salsa used to sponsor the MBUK team when JMC was riding for them. Back then I think Ross Schafer still hand a big hand in the production of every frame. These days the name lives on, but production has shifted. The bikes are still great, so check them out here.

Ross speaks about warranty issues over at Dirt Rag.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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