New Look IMBA UK

Well sometime reasonably recently the IMBA UK site relaunched itself. Things have been pretty quiet and it’s all been pretty low profile since the formation of the UK arm of the organisation, but there must have been a hell of a lot of stuff for the UK IMBA crew to sort out, something which can’t have been easy when they’re all doing it as volunteers. So what’s it all about then? Well as it says on their site:

We all ride our mountain bikes to enjoy the buzz of a tough outing, to socialise with friends or to soak up the countryside atmosphere.

Few of us expected to go trail building, or to campaign to defend trails or work to open new ones. But to get the network we all want, that is just what we have to do.

IMBA UK aims to help you to help this to happen by providing a supportive structure which will allow us to speak more effectively with government, councils and land managers, and at the same time provide the facility to share problems and circulate best practice between members.

IMBA UK intends to be a fully democratic organisation working for its members. But to be effective we need to have a strong membership base which truly reflects the needs of the UK mountain biker.

So the UK needs an IMBA UK – and IMBA UK needs you!

The new site’s jam packed with forums and information, so for more go and check it out.

Lurking somewhere in a corner of the site is the singletrack magazine information bureau which has details of the content of all of the magazines to date and the increasingly popular suitably far-fetched and made-up cover for the next issue, which should be out in December. Find it here.

Series two of Drop In is hitting the airwaves out in Canada. Pink Bike have the first instalment available for download from their website, cruise over and take a look.

The World Road Champs are approaching and Specialized now have all their 2004 product on-line.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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