Freshers’ Flu

I predicted it and I’m suffering the consequences. Fresher’s Flu has me well and truly by the throat and it ain’t pleasant. Fortunately drinking seems to help.

In the pub on Saturday, whilst drinking some medicinal Guinness, there was some talk about British custom frame builders and I learnt a new name that was regarded with same prestige as the likes of Roberts and Yates. That was reasonable local establishment, Flagstaff’s. I was therefore a bit shocked to read this tonight:

Steel-meister George Longstaff of Newcastle under Lyme – the internationally-recognised maker of trikes, tandems and other custom-builds – collapsed on a Longstaff owner’s ride yesterday. He died before he got to hospital (From Bikebiz).

That’s tragic. Sympathies to all friends and family.

The World Road Race Championships started today, but Cipollini won’t be there to defend his title. Read why here.

Jan Ullrich has gone from stating that he wants to win the Tour de France on a Bianchi at the recent Italian EICMA show (where there was some fantastic glitzy kit, including the shiny Dogma Ego) to a rather different response. The drug popping and occasionally porky German has returned to his former Telekom team, which is to be relaunched as T-Mobile. This has of course made him loads of friends in Italy.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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