Clunker Classic

Alexandre Vinokourov won today’s stage of the Tour, a stage in which Beloki crashed hard and almost took Lance with him, more from the BBC.

Full Switz trip report now up here. I really underestimated how long it would take to do that, but it’s done now. Those crazy Germans have been finalising their plans for later this year, this came in last night:

From: Phaty
Subject: Singlespeed Made in Germany – GBBC Berlin!

Hello Ladies,

We are done! The website for the GBBC-race in Berlin is online! And it is bilingual! We already got quiet some interest from STW – thanks to the performance of Team Germany in Thetford … Well maybe not! We will try not to disappoint you!

So here is the link and I ask you to spread the word as much as possible! Andy maybe you could write a little on! And Chipps if you let me I would write something for STW!

Ah yes, as soon as we receive the first registration from the UK – which actually already happened – we gonna call it the “German Open Singlespeed Championships”

Ein verfickter Gang!


Bit far away to plan this bad boy, but I’ll keep it in mind. And while I was away Charlie’s Clunker Classic took place, there have been a few e-mails and photos floating about today, most seem to involve fire and flames and not much riding… This came in this morning:

From: Lonebiker
Subject: Clunker Classic Pics [now WITH pics]

Hi All

Here’s some lo-res pics from the classic. I have these as 5mb hires [when
open], so if there are any you like, just mail me back.

Thanks to Charlie for getting us all together and thanks everyone for making
a great fun weekend.

See you all next year.

Oh, please email me with any good digi photos, I’d love to put them up on my
website. Make sure you give me your name, codename or callsign so I can
credit you.



Spread the word

It seems these days that the mountain bike on-line world has become ratings obsessed, everyone trying to claim their place in the world of on-line rankings for number of hits and most popular. Any way these guys reckon they’re the third biggest in the UK: MTB-Wales. I guess that’s behind Bikemagic and Singletrackworld.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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