The Matterhorn

I’m back. Full Switz trip report and pictures coming soon. Meanwhile things in the wonderful world of mountain biking here in the UK and worldwide have continued apace and I understand there’s a load of men on road bikes taking a bit of a jolly around France. Le Tour is in full swing and Tyler Hamilton is riding like a true hero. Should have picked him for the team.

The disc brake and quick release saga continues and now there’s some scientifically tested facts to back up the original arguement. An arguement that was really sparked by a rather well-known accident involving a popular British mountain biker. Talking of accidents Big Johnny posted this link a while back and the sad thing is it just sounds so plausible that the driver just blacked out at the wheel.

This weeks recommended link: Carrier (someone’s just earnt themselves a well-deserved new job in the wonderful world of travel)

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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