Genetic Modification

Missed this morning’s breakfast ride with the South Manchester posse, due to getting a flat half a mile from home from some broken glass. Took it as a bad omen and went back home to bed. To make a mends I’m meeting up with Cortos later to do some roadie mileage.

Saw Matt Szabo this afternoon who I haven’t seen for ages, he’s filled me in on what he’s been up to and told me about this:

The Government’s GM nation debate web site has been live here for sometime, but I’ve only just found it.

The information is pretty basic with views for and against on a variety of topics.

There are only a few days left to respond with your views using the online question form available at the following link

There are 15 statements that you can rate as follows:
A – Agree strongly
B – Agree
C – Don’t know / unsure
D – Disagree
E – Disagree strongly

There is also space to say what you think. So please let them know!

I don’t normally get involved with things like this, but I think that GM is such an important issue (if you’ve read George Monbiot’s Captive State you’ll understand why) that everyone should make their views heard.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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