F*** Up

Today at work the label printer ran out of labels. One of two people can be blamed for this oversight. Thanks. It was really good fun having to hand write labels for all the goods I received. Please don’t let it happen again. I think I’d rather be bending Huffy’s back into shape if it did…

The FSR has been pillaged and is slumped next to the desk. I have finally managed to get the new riser bars ordered today (it’s taken about two months), so the old ones are off and onto the Singlespeed. The shock is also missing currently waiting to be despatched to Mr Flooks for a spring upgrade and replacement lower bushings. I want a 5th Element shock, but the bike and I are going to have to wait for that. At some point I will have to clean it.

The Singlespeed is cleaned (in the living room tonight) and ready for this weekends action (should that be carnage?). It is now sporting some riser bars (no wider than the fat boy flats I’ve just taken off) so has some rise to the front end and a bit more sweep. I just hope it handles okay, as I haven’t left much time to test it out. I’ve also chucked on some new bigger tyres in the hope that this will aid the gearing a tad, and it certainly did seem to be a bit faster on the flat on the way home, so maybe it’ll do the trick.

Off on the long drive to Suffolk tomorrow night, race news when I get back. There might even be something of a Team Jelly reunion.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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