2003 European Singlespeed Championships

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Two photos from and one from Jed

this dark and dingy corner. Well I’m glad the Germans were there it made things rather entertaining at the finish. This weeks link is for Phaty and the crew.

It was cool to catch up with Biker this weekend, we reminisced over our road trip across France a bit and it reminded me of the first couple of days which were a bit boring by comparison with the latter half of the journey. I did start writing up a bit of an account of things last year, but then my computer hard disk crashed and I lost a load of stuff including that. I’m trying to recollect things again and it’ll be appearing in the Epic Rides section soon. Talking of Europe, I booked my tickets out to Switzerland today. It’s going to be a good to take a bike back out there and ride the slopes that are usually covered in snow.

We’re not ready for the Euro. Apparently. What a shock result.

Read about this the other day. Thought it was pretty interesting stuff, not sure if it’ll take off but I like the ethics involved and the idea of living in something that’s self-sufficient in terms of energy and built out of recycled materials.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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