Making a better Lizard

So after fettling the brakes, next up was trying to sort out the Chameleon a bit more. First up some more grip up front for winter.

Local riding Local riding

Decided that whilst the Crossmark has been fine for local trails it’s been a bit out of it’s depth on the hills so trying the High Roller to see if it copes better.

Local riding Local riding

Secondly was trying to improve the shifting. Even with the new shifter, it still wasn’t great. There was a fair bit of play in the basic pressed steel derailleur and the all alloy construction of the X01 setup is definitely better.

SRAM NX Derailleur//

It is still not perfect. About the only thing left to change is the cassette. Can it be that? New chain, chainring and cassette in the New Year will prove it…

SRAM X01 Derailleur//

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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