North West Mountain Bike Coaching and Guiding


My Friends Cheri Mills and Neil Mottershead came over on Saturday, they’ve been talking for months about their plans to set up a biking focused business. They’ve been off getting the necessary qualifications, my sister who’s a solicitor has drafted some legal terms and conditions and disclaimer paperwork and at then this weekend I setup the website and did some graphic design work to get things moving. The plan is for Cheri and Neil to offer coaching classes in a dedicated woodland they’ve negotiated access with the landowner to use ad this environment will allow them to bring peoples confidence and skills up.

They’re also offering guided riding in the Wrexham/Llangollen/Ruthin area of North Wales and further afield all over the UK. Finally both of them are professional mechanics and to hazard a guess I’d say they have over 50 years in the trade experience. They’re running bike maintenance classes to give people both trailside knowledge and skills and develop home mechanic abilities. Check things out on Facebook or via their site

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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