Afternoon Ride

Hauled Marc out on the Rockhopper equipped with childhauler bike seat (Co Pilot Limo). He was asleep before half way so then I had to spend the rest of the ride making sure his hat hadn’t fallen off or that his feet were in the right place and shoes hadn’t fallen off. It was a cracking afternoon and I did manage some decent big-ring power riding even if there were plenty of stops to look at things and watch the world go by.

So the next dilemma is trailers. I think it makes a lot of sense to get one so that we can take both Marc and Nick out, but I am not too sure on the current market offerings and whether it will be of any practical use. The route we rode today was littered with the type of barriers designed to stop cars and motorbikes getting onto the trail. so I am not sure how you’re supposed to get a trailer through them… Time to do some investigation!

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

One thought on “Afternoon Ride”

  1. Sweat and tears mostly.
    Simple enough with 2 people. PITA with one especially if you can’t turf the child out.

    Far nicer to use than a rear child seat but not always as practical. Pulling both up hills is “fun”.


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