The headset in my 2008 Trek Remedy has been shafted pretty much since the first ride. Coming to use it the next time for a second ride the bottom race had seized up and the bars needed a fair bit of working to get it moving again. In the interests of destruction testing I’ve carried on running the Cane Creek unit until now. After the last ride there was a fair bit of play in the bearings so I new it was time for a replacement.

Tim Johnson at Sideways Cycles in Alsager did the leg work and sourced me a Chris King Inset. Popped down yesterday and Tim did the honours in fitting the new one and binning the rusty old bearings. It’s looking good and spinning smoothly now:

Chris King InSet

Chris King InSet

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

One thought on “InSet”

  1. Does the inset come with the new ‘aheadset’ lock ring or the old king o-ring setup? I dont think i will get another king headset unless it has the new setup as i have a fair few scored stearer tubes from running king 1 1/8 headsets. They do have the best bearings out there though…


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