Fast Lane Please

Came back from a week in France on Sunday and riding into work on Monday was the first time for lights this winter. Last year my Light and Motion HID battery was flat so I had a ride home without front lighting. This year I made sure on Sunday night it was charged up and then also dug out the LEDs for the back. Battery check was good so looked good for the ride home in the dark. Except that when I went to switch on the LED on the back at home time, the bugger was flat… How does that happen?

It was a chilly morning on Monday. I wasn’t uncomfortable in winter weight roubaix keeping my knees and arms warm. I did think that the guy riding in wearing running shorts and a cotton t-shirt who was so pale that he was almost translucent might be a bit cold. This morning the weather was back up a few degrees so that some of those winter layers feel a bit too much.

Today I attended the first UMBUG meeting at The University of Manchester in what’s probably a couple of years for me. There was some useful discussion regarding different things including the Love Your Bike presentation on Getting Moving: A manifesto for cycling in Greater Manchester. This makes 5 core recommendations and there is a general aim to get 20% of Greater Manchester journeys under 5 miles to be undertaken by bike.

They’ve done some cool stuff in the past, including this rather cool campaign:

Fast or Fat

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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