I’ve had some feedback recently, in fact I asked for it from a couple of people. It’s given me food for thought. A friend posted this somewhere else online, so I’m stealing it and reposting:

Pointing something out:
“Hey, look at that, that’s different.”

“Hey look that that. That’s an interesting approach, why did you do it like that? Have you considered an alternative? Will there be any impact of doing it like this, rather than like this?”

Constructive Criticism
“Hey look at that, not sure that’s the best way. Perhaps you could consider doing it this way instead.”

“Hey look at that, thats not very good, you could have done that better, I wouldnt have done it like that, it won’t be very much use now.”

Perhaps the difference is not clear to you, but most people manage…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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