Proper Ride

Rode out on the Singlespeed today for the first proper ride in months. It was the first real test for the SLX cranks and XTR trail pedals, both of which performed without any issues. Nice to be able to stomp on the pedals and not have something wibberly wobbly moving about. The route was the Bridge run, taking me just short of Marple. There’s been a fair bit of trail sanitisation in Reddish Vale which has taken away one of the good technical climbs (until it washes out again), but in general the wet summer has led to a lot of overgrown and lush trails. Plenty of Singletrack to enjoy.

Found a way to join up two sections that I hadn’t done before which means I can now skirt around a set of steps that previously had to be climbed up with the bike on the shoulder. There were quite a few walkers out and about and a stray horse. I stopped off at the Jodhpur Cafe to report it, but it was nothing to do with their stables. Too many horses in two small fields with not enough food, there was no way it was going back in with out the temptation of food. Overcast all ride until I was riding through the park 5 minutes from home, then the sun came out. Typical.

Front Door

River Goyt Bridge

Hungry Escapee

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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