Trail Changes

Today after almost two months I finally managed to get the Singlespeed back on the trails. The post mount adapter to expand the disc size from 160 to 180mm eventually turned up after about a four week wait, but then with the wedding and other things happening it wasn’t a high priority. So last night I thought I’d try and get the front disc on. Someone might have forgotten to actually check the disc hose was long enough to reach between the fork mount and the handlebar mount.

I Fabulous

This morning I eventually managed to track down some hose from Bicycle Doctor. Now when fitting hose I’ve nearly always been able to reuse the olive and insert. Of course today when I just wanted to get out and ride one of the olives split in half. It was back to the bike shop to get a new olive and a spare. Then I just had to rebleed the system and get out on the trails.

Secret Garden Singletrack

By this point it was half four so I decided to just rip around the Goyt Valley and loop back via the bridge. I’d forgotten that the council had sanitised some of the trails in Reddish Vale, but I managed to find a few new trails on the way out. The loamy soils in the woods on the side of the valleys are pretty poorly drained, but the weather has been so dry recently that I decided to revisit some secret garden singletrack. It was great to find bluebells still in flower.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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