Back to Reality

Tonight some guy who probably hasn’t seen his penis in the last 15 years becuase of his enormous fat gut tried to kill me. I was getting ready to stick a “Warning! Driver of this vehicle is a…” sticker on his Bentley when an even great feat of driver idiocy nearly took me out. A little Micra doing lane changes without the signalling or checking elements of mirror, signal, maneuver. Just as I was still contemplating the desire of the Nissan’s owner to trade paint with pretty much anything else that moved, they then slammed on the anchors and did a right turn across the flow of traffic into a junction. This was pretty intense, but that fact that they went through the traffic island on the wrong side of the road and continued to drive into the oncoming traffic for as long as I could see them, just rammed home the point. I was now back in the UK.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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