Holme Valley

Many years ago I bought Mike Pearce‘s route guidebook for the Peak District and Derbyshire on the basis that although I thought I knew a lot of riding areas in my local spot, in reality I only knew a handful and ended up riding the same old (albeit fantastic) trails all the time. So this weekend, I picked out another route from it half thinking that I had done it before, but the reality was that I hadn’t and that realising this midway through the ride was a nice surprise. Great weather, company and empty trails topped off with an ice cream at the car park at the end. Summer riding in the Peak District doesn’t get better than this.

In the Peak District

So this route has prompted me to try and complete the last few routes in the book that I haven’t yet ridden and also it has me thinking about one of the Grand Tours that I’ve been talking about for a few years. I’m thinking that with a Bivvi mid way, Manchester to Leeds off road in two days along some amazing trails isn’t really a crazy idea… Then there’s that other even bigger one I’ve talked to friends about, but can it really be done in four days?

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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