Creaking Banished

Stripped the bottom bracket area of the singlespeed down at the weekend. Didn’t bother taking the Phil Wood EBB out of the shell as there is very little that can go wrong with this simple, but brilliant design. The left hand cover on the XT Hollowtech II cups that was fitted came away with the non drive side crank and it was clear that the o-ring seal was shot. The Phil Wood bearings inside the cup seemed to be still spinning smoothly but were a bit dirty externally. I’ll have to get around to cleaning them up and try them in a different bike to see if they’re the source of the creak.

Fitted a Hope stainless steel bottom bracket and cleaned up the Race Face Deus Cranks. There was a bit of grit in behind the crank bolt and extractor cap, but otherwise no signs of any damage from them having been ridden loose. Phew. Also changed the spindles over on the Candy pedals, taking the Titanium ones out and putting some steel ones in. Creaks had all disappeared on the ride this morning so at least all the fellting seems to have done the trick.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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