Into the Peak

Fantastic weekend of riding with friends in the heart of the Dark Peak. Based out of Bamford we had two good rides over two days with a big group and lots of banter. It was great.

Jenn Hopkins
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Not so great was my singlespeed. Last weekend when riding it I noticed something was wrong with the front chainset, further inspection revealed what appeared to be a bent chainring. Given the the whole drive train was up for replacement, I wasn’t too bothered about this, so ordered a new Salsa 34T chainring and dug out an unused Chris King sprocket and spare chain.

Fitted them on Friday night only to find the problem was still there, which I took to mean that I’d bent the Race Face Deus Cranks. Anyway riding on Saturday revealed that the actual cause of the problem was that the 10mm Allen key locking bolt had come loose so the whole crank was wobbly on the axle. Two 5mm Allen keys combined as a temporary means of tightening until we reached the Derwent Cycle Centre on Ladybower where the very nice staff dug into their tool box to find a proper tool for the job.

Anyway even after all that the bike spent the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday creaking like a Halfords Special. This is now pointing the finger of blame at either the pedals or bottom bracket and although I’ll replace the axles on the former just for piece of mind, my money is on the BB. This is running on the upgraded Phil Wood bearings and it was only last week that I was proudly saying they had done four years without problem. That’d have cursed it to fail on the next ride then…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

2 thoughts on “Into the Peak”

  1. Nggh. Better not be, they’ve only just been serviced. That said they are the same type of Ti axles that I broke on the commuter, so it’s not out of the question. I have some steel axles for them to replace them.


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