Good Vibe Navigation

The mild warm weather of yesterday that had Simon wearing shorts for the first time this year has been replaced overnight. Opening the curtains this morning resulted in a vista of shark skin grey skies and more than a hint of moisture in the air. Normal service for this time of the year has been resumed then. I rode the singlespeed in again today with the intention of riding from work once more tonight.

As the day went on the weather deteriorated and I decided to keep this ride as short as possible. Long circuitous route home, dump courier bag in garage head out immediately with some exploring in mind. Rode for a bit longer and ended up in some places I wasn’t expecting, but I think that’s the charm of navigating by sense of direction and what feels right – whether a particular option has a good vibe about it. Ended up soaking wet and a bit cold, but that’s another one done and some new singletrack through woods discovered.

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Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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