I decided that having always skirted around Audenshaw, it was probably worth actually putting a ride in that took me through the area. Cold again tonight with a much more noticeable Northerly wind adding to the chill factor. Took the bottom bracket out of the road bike today whilst cooking dinner. The threads on the frame are fine so I stuck in a new Ultegra unit and put everything back together and it seemed okay. During the ride I noticed that there is play in the assembly. This is not good. It means that the axle has worn out on the Bonty Race X Lite cranks, so time for a new chainset then… I have put in the wrong king of bottom bracket for my cranks and need to order the proper unit. Doh!

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Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

2 thoughts on “Audenshaw”

  1. Hang on I’m being a noob. Bontrager use the Truvativ GXP fitment which is a different standard to Shimano’s HT2 (slightly smaller axle diameter). I need to get a GXP bottom bracket…


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