See-Through Bike

One of the most interesting frames that has appeared in the world of mountain bikes recently is the radical use of carbon fibre to create an isotruss based mountain bike frame.

Isotruss Frameset

Each Arantix frame takes anout 300 hours to build, as builders weave single carbon fibre strands in a precise manner and order to create the open lattice IsoTruss structure of each frame tube. Each bundle of carbon fibre strands is then constrained within a helical wrapping of Kevlar string designed to tightly bind the carbon fibers together. The tubes are then baked at 255 degrees Fahrenheit for four hours. The ends of the baked tubes are then machined to specific measurements and diameters before being joined with molded carbon fiber lugs into a completed frame.

Using the IsoTruss technology and design, Delta 7 Sports is claiming to have created one of the strongest and lightest mountain bikes in the world. The price of the complete bike from Arantix is $11,995, and they will only build 200 units for the 2008 season. Cleaning all the mud off it after a winter ride would be a nightmare, but it’s going to get so much attention on the trails and at the races that it might just be worth it.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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