First really bad traffic in a few weeks commuting, not that it slowed down the commute, just that it adds to the risk factor of Joe Public getting frustrated and doing something stupid like a U-turn to go the other way and try and find a road that isn’t gridlocked. It was wet too. Not had many rides home in the rain this year which is no bad thing, but as Paul knows there’s always plenty of other entertainment on the commute.

One thing that has puzzled me recently is that over the weekend I developed conjunctivitis. This is odd as I’ve never suffered from it before, despite years of mountain biking in filth and racing through fields littered with cow dung. So for the first time in my life I’m having to deal with eye drop application and have now experienced waking up and not being able to open your eyes ‘cos they’re stuck shut. Strange indeed.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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