Singletrack’s Latest Issue

Updated the Mag Archive over the weekend. Well kind of. Not sure if I can make life a lot easier for myself somehow. Life has been considerably easier since Mark started publishing electronic copies of the contents on Singletrackworld. Using this as a basis, I add in extra details and list the bikes and kit tested. Edit the text, format it in HTML and post it up. Update the Google Maps file for the route guides section and that’s the easy bit done and that’s as far as I’ve taken things with the latest two issues.

The question is how to develop things from here. What I’d like is some way of taking the lists of kit tested and bikes reviewed and adding them into the database as individual entries (would be useful in developing the site further with links to individual reviews, etc). This will of course mean they need to be appropriately categorised, but with this approach rather than manually maintaining lists, the system would be doing it. Of course I want to do this and try to keep the existing page format but that just maight not be possible. Mmm. Food for thought.

Anyway until I migrate the rest of the bikes in the Owners’ Club to the new site I’m not taking on anything more in terms of web development. After the migration, I need to get the online shop sorted out too… I was stoked to see that one of my shots from the summers riding made it into the Issue 38 as the contents picture. Nice.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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