If Carlsberg Bred Cats…

…they’d probably be the best cats in the world. And they’d benefit from having some of Acer’s genes. He’s an Island Cat, coming from the south coast valleys of Guernsey. He is a truly big cat, not fat, just huge and sinewy. He’s not a mouser either, in our house he’s known as a big game cat, because when he used to go out on the kill (doesn’t seem interested in chasing things these days), he didn’t go for sparrows or mice.

Mmmm, Ardbeg?

Nope he went for seagulls. Or rabbits. One day we woke up to find he’d taken out a whole family of rabbits and left their bodies on the back lawn. He’s a fussy eater and as he’s getting old his canine teeth have fallen out and now he’s only one left, which mean he has added fang to his list of nick names. Without doubt he is a complete character and the old boy is a great fireside companion to contemplate a good Malt Whiskey with.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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