Not Riding

I seem to have contracted an evil form of the lurgy. It started on Sunday morning with a sore throat and it meant that by Sunday night I was coughing up horrible green stuff that was trying to choke me in my sleep. I dragged myself into work on Monday for a meeting with an external third party and spent the entire day trying to stem the flow from my runny nose.

Last night I was in full fever mode and woke up with a t-shirt that was soaking wet and even more phlegm. So after dealing with a few emails via the Blackberry and phoning the boss I went back to sweating it out and eventually woke up at 4pm. Not feeling too great right now, but I intend to test the medicinal properties of single malt in a bid to rid myself of the infection. Just hope it clears up soon.

On Saturday I did a deal with one of the guys in Harry Halls for a set of road wheels. A second hand pair of Bontrager Race X Lites with a free pair of all Condition S-Works Tyres are now in my possession and fitting these in the place of the Bonty Selects and changing the pedals from Crank Bros Quattros to some Candy Tis has shaved a pound of the weight of the Harry Hall Elan.

Since I rescued the bike from landfill and eventually built it back up it has changed slightly from the original photos. I’ve slowly upgraded the shifters and mechs and brake callipers to Dura Ace over the course of the last year. The latest changes mark the fact that really it’s not going to get much better than this. It currently tips the scales at 8.80kg (19.4lbs) and until I can afford an Indy Fab, it’s the road bike.

Speaking of roads and riding issue one of the Urban Cyclist is out now. I’ve downloaded it for free, but you can also pay for a printed copy to be posted out. Finally this is for Alex:

Scott Adams' Dilbert

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

One thought on “Not Riding”

  1. 🙂 I just had an email from the firm around “Representing the firm in the public domain”. That’s what the title was but essentially it was a form of voluntary censorship backed up by the threat of being fired if you lampooned the firm or – and this is the funny bit – didn’t represent them in a positive manner. Now I actually like working for the firm, they’re a good employer and all that but I’ll be jiggered if I’m going to lie in public about them in my own time!

    Interesting area. If I tell a mate in the pub something about the firm that is negative, that’s ok. If I write it on my blog which about 11 people read, then it isn’t. Cynically I’d say that’s because one is easier to police than the other.

    Anyway I hope you feel better soon. If you can beat my “raspy throat of annoyance” that’s so far neither succumbed to three months of being ignored or savaged by antibiotics, you can have some proper sympathy 🙂


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