If the shoes don’t fit…

After destroying the last pair of race shoes through use, I’ve invested in the latest version. I’m not convinced by boa type systems that use a wire or vectran cable to close the shoes, so the S-Works versions didn’t appeal, although I can’t say I am a fan of the horrible red soles in any case. So  I’ve gone for a new pair – 07 Specialized Body Geometry Pros with the carbon soles and very nice they are too.

BG Pro Carbons

I have one niggle with them. On the inside of each shoe on the arch side of the foot I can feel the mounting point for the X-Link strap. This seems to be because there is little (if any) padding between the inner mesh fabric and the shoe outer into which the buckle and strap mounting points are attached.

I had thought it might be the screw (being too long) that holds the strap to the strap mount on the shoes, but it’s definitely the plastic mounting for the strap. The lower part of it below the screw is the bit that is causing the problem.

Although on the first ride this didn’t seem an issue, on the ride to work they were really uncomfortable to wear because of the pressure point this creates. I had a think about what I could stick on the inside of the shoe to stop this from happening and after trying foam and rubber and various options decided that if the shoes don’t fit make them fit.

Out came the scalpel and just before I started operating on them, I decided I’d remove the cross link strap completely. I was quite surprised to discover that this immediately made them more comfy to wear. A closer look revealed why – below the lowest eyelet was a 15mm strip of strap that protruded into the inner of the shoe creating the pressure point. With the help of a burly pair of sharp scissors I chopped off the excess strap material and refitted them to find it had cured the problem.


I’m fairly sure other riders must have had this problem too or are at least putting up with it. It seems such a little thing, but is has made all the difference.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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