Getting Digital

I’ve a few old mountain biking Videos on my bookshelf that I’d like to get into digital format so that I can watch them on the DVD player. A brief question raised on Singletrack’s forum has generated some great feedback. Although I know there are a few firms that specialise in doing this, I thought it might be something I can try myself. Of course wanting to do it on a Mac adds an extra level of challenge.

Word is that you can capture to DV tape and recapture the long way or there is wee application called BTV pro carbon which will capture via a camera or deck with analogue video in/firewire through, direct to the hard disc. You can specify the format and change it once its captured. Then you just edit and output whatever you fancy. You can apparently also capture a firewire stream direct into Quicktime Pro or iMovie too

So I think I’ll have a look at They’re recommended and it’s said that they deliver via courier and are pretty cheap. I think I’ll make some enquiries at work too, as I’m sure we might have some useful kit available.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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