There is another me. Well some one else with my name and they appear to be from East Anglia too. A recent google has revealed a runner who is continuing ‘his one man assault on the Cross Country series with his third win in succession and no-one looks like taking him in the last two races barring injury, illness or some underhand move by league bad boys Tri Sport Ford’.

In other news IMBA-UK and CTC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. IMBA has demonstrated that mountain biking provision will improve more speedily if cycling organisations work closely together. As a result, increasing cooperation between IMBA and CTC has led to this first formal step in formalising the arrangement between the two organisations.

1)  CTC and IMBA believe the health and wellbeing of the nation will be improved by encouraging more people to enjoy the public trail network by cycle.

2)  CTC and IMBA agree that the byway and bridleway network in England and Wales, and cyclists access rights in Scotland should be protected and enhanced

3)  CTC and IMBA recognise a common interest in promoting and campaigning for greater rights for off-road cyclists and will actively seek opportunities to work together in support of these objectives.

4)  CTC and IMBA will encourage greater integration of our volunteer networks to work towards better promotion of and provision for off-road cycling.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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