What Tyres For…

My old club, the Guernsey Velo are in the middle of moving over to a new website. It’s looking good. It puzzles me that riders are clearly heading over to the UK to race (some even to Manchester), but none get in touch. That puzzles me a bit. Maybe I need to return to the island and see if I’m still able to mix it with the mountain bikers in their races.

Not a day after I popped into Harry’s and hear that Ben has not only found work in a bike shop again, but is living in a tent, I get this:

From: Ben
Subject: Yo, Yo, Yo!
Howdy folks,

Hows it going? Hope this finds you all ok. Thought it was about time to let you all know what I’m up to. I dont get much access to the internet at the moment, so i’m making the most of it while I can. Well, I’m still living up in scotland, not at my folks house anymore though.

Got my self a job in a bike shop again, Up at Bothy Bikes in Aviemore. It was a very short notice thing, went in and asked for a job – they said yes and that was that. Moved up about five days later. Didn’t quite have time to find accomodation though, so went armed with all my camping stuff. Now, all the campsites were full when i got there – so I’ve kinda started camping out with a few guys from the shop. They’ve started a little campsite of there own, randomly in a field (right to roam act!), and I was invited along. After looking for a few rooms etc, I decided (and was told) that I was gonna stay at the campsite! Hell its free rent, no bills and good craic too. So to cut a long story short I’m living in a tent in a field in Aviemore. Bliss.

So if your ever up that way give us a bell. I’ve just come back from lets gets too. A weeks mountain biking. It was dope, although it rained heavily at first, so super muddy. But it dried up and we had the best time, going over to switzerland and all over the place. Some pictures will appear soon. My rear wheel kinda died and i missed a days riding which was gutting, but I get trade price again now so its all good. Bikes are expensive though, my rear shock blew up just before going out so that needed replaced too! Now my vans too rusty to fix up for its mot so I need a new one of those too. AArgghh. Just as i was saving money. Ahh well, thats the way it goes. Gotta laugh really, It could be worse.

Anyhoo, I’ll stop waffling. Hope your all good and hope to catch up soon. As i said I have no internet so if you reply I may take a while to get back. If you’d rather, drop me a line or text. Look after yourselves.


Sounds like mr Davies has been up to some antics trashing his Demo. I hope he gets some photos up on that website of his at some point.

Now we’re doing the Cape Epic, certain people are trying to convince me to do a Bike Safari. Now hang on. When you do a proper safari you’re in a rufty tufty 4×4 with men with guns. I’m not sure riding through a game park on a mountain bike offers quite the same level of protection – I’m sure one of the riders in the photos on that website has a rifle strapped to his Camelbak. I’ll have a Beretta with hollowpoint ammo in a shoulder holster before I’m doing that thank you very much. It at least raises the question “What tyres for outrunning Cheetahs?”

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Usually mountain biking in the North.

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